The Rehab Room

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The Place of Peace Project - 

This project will be the main focus of The Rehab Room.

We are currently searching for private donations for this creative idea in art space.

Our goal is to increase unity and peace between people.

A space designed to bring people together by highlighting cultures and diverse beauty in our differences.

The place of peace project will bring in cultural education, and art production in a community.

It is my mission to increase understanding between people, so that all people can learn to embrace and enjoy the beauty in others.

The Place of Peace Project, will celebrate the differences among cultures and races by illustrating harmony and positive aspects through art exhibitions. A percentage of the overall sales will be donated to the local children for some medical coverage, as well as programs and workshops.

When the guests spends their money at the space they will become connected into giving back with their community to improve peoples lives.

The Place of Peace Project will serve as a space presenting social education programs, events, music classes and dancing.There will be literature as well as workshops with guest professors and professionals speaking on the themes of culture, religion, and gender to create a more unified community.  


We will foster these powerful experiences of learning, appreciating and understanding for more of a
global perspective of people. It will also encourage local togetherness and a national understanding of peace and unity.